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Genisol Environnement

Consulting firm specializing in environment, rehabilitation, geotechnics and materials control

Genisol's multidisciplinary team puts its expertise in the environment, geotechnics, and materials control at the service of private and public companies in Québec.

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Genisol Environment Inc. is a consulting firm specialized in environment, rehabilitation, geotechnics and material control.

Genisol provides its customers with fast, innovative, competitive and high-quality solutions, and execution services. We are recognized for our standards of excellence in all our services. The integrity of our personnel and the quality of our expertise are a trademark of Genisol, recognized for over 16 years of service.

A proven multidisciplinary team

We are specialized in environmental studies (phase 1, 2 and 3), soil study, soil test, soil analysis, site decontamination (in-situ and ex-situ), environmental management (removal of tanks, disposal of contaminated soils, etc.), treatment of contaminated soils, environmental compliance audits, and various environmental expertises.

The passion, commitment and desire to innovate of its team allow Genisol to constantly expand the range of its services in order to offer a single window of professional services to its clients. Our professionals accompany clients from the first steps.



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